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Forbes: Monir, Ehsaan, and Moyn Islam—brothers and founders of BE—say they are on their way to becoming a million-dollar company.


Throughout history, humans have imagined, what the future will be like. We have, envisioned hovering cars, rocket-like planes, vacations to outer space, robot helpers and, much more. A lot of it is far-fetched, some of it is, unlikely, and yet other aspects aren’t as far away as you, might think. Monir, Moyn and Ehsaan. Islam, three, brothers and founders of BE, have brought, something new, much more imminent to reality than, many people realize. Their concepts and ideas could potentially revolutionize the way that we do life. BE, the company they built, presents, innovative ways to educate and keep you at par with, the dynamic world of blockchain and AI and their, capacity. Its platform boasts an interactive learning, space through its services such as the Mind Hub, WOW, NFX, SHiFT, Relic and more. BE will soon harness blockchain technology to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering, space for aspiring individuals to interact and pursue, their personal goals., The founders are everything that you’d expect, ordinary people living in the U.K. to be. They have, worked in restaurants, at retails stores and have even, driven a taxi for a living. But one thing that sets them, apart from others is their mindset. Going through their lives, they felt suffocated and, trapped just living from paycheck to paycheck. Despite, making ends meet and being regular with their bill, payments, they believed that they were meant for bigger, things in life. As they say, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Now Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan are best known, as innovators, business owners and leaders. Their approach: figure out what works and do that, even if it, doesn’t make sense to anyone else. Their fascination for all things digital and innovative is where it all started. And now they’re leading a company that strives to, provide a better understanding of how innovative, technology, if embraced and fully understood, can be, nothing but an edge. Breakthroughs such as Apple, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and AirBnB have radically changed, the way people connect with each other and exhibit, an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to reach, highly targeted markets. We’ve seen how these companies, have revolutionized the way we do or experience things, but we are yet to see and experience it all. 

Since the three brothers started BE in, January 2019, it has already attracted over 10,000, active customers. Still, this could be just the tip of the, iceberg as they plan to have one million users and $1 billion in sales by the end of 2022, competing with, digital technology companies around the globe. Monir, Moyn and Ehsaan have experienced their fair share of challenges and devoted time to create, the right platform and technologies to best service this, unique niche market. The company garnered support from out-of-the box thinkers who were willing to dedicate the time and exceptional effort to create an excellent, cutting-edge, platform—and then, over time, continued to develop, and intensify the results based on feedback from their, growing cache of customers. But above all, much of BE’ success is attributed to its community of users and its unique culture. The three brothers proudly claim it is their community that makes the whole of BE, undisputed. BE has provided a transparent and empowering space for them to interact and pursue, their personal goals. This platform is where they can communicate and help each other out, while making, an impact on others. One of BE’ most notable clients, Jose Ardon, shared his praises on BE and its leadership: “I am deeply astounded by what BE offers—its powerful tools, and all-in-one platform that will, further deliver the knowledge and expertise to a lot of people in Latin America. This is a comprehensive way, to educate them on how to be self-sustainable.” The next decade will look nothing like the last, decade. Because of disruptive tech like AI, according, to OECD research, jobs will be cut down by 50% in, the next 10 years. With blockchain and AI disrupting the augmented stage and potentially taking over works in the future, BE introduces education, and strategic steps. For a community to change, knowledge is vital, and this is what BE is about. The three brothers Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan Islam, have envisioned a prepared future rather than sticking to the status quo through proffering people the tools to stay ahead of the inevitable. Innovation is a pivotal lever. To stay ahead, one, must seek exponential change—the power to shape potential disruptors for strategic advantage. That’s where BE and its community excel: unlocking, possibilities and navigating complexities to thrive.